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You know that I just came up with it’s not you know something new, it’s just the way. I’M doing it so I’m making banners for my cottage and I’m using some wonderful gifts that I’ve gotten from some of you through the happy mail, you’ve sent me the most beautiful fabrics and appliqu├ęd X and, beads and laces. I mean I am so grateful and thank you to all of you.

Fabric Banners 1

I love you and then there are some of you who have inspired me to use fabrics again and sew and do things that I didn’t use to do before. So I love you all and I thank you and with that.

Today, I’m gonna be making some banners. What I did was I cut and it’s gonna be something like.

Let me show you the little houses

If some of you have seen those videos, I still have my little houses here. I made these and I’m gonna try and do these banners in the same fashion. So little hobo banners, not really little they’re pretty big but using my little house as his inspiration and here what I did was I layered painted ribbons and all kinds of goodies and stuff. So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to be putting different pieces of fabric embroidering them.

I cut these out and I made a pattern out of cardboard or whatever.

1. This is it’s a back backing of an old mixed-media pan, I believe, and so just cut that out and then made my little template to cut this. Now, this is uh. You know I always use the fell. I like using the felt so whatever I like to use that and then what I’ll do is I’ll put.

Fabulous Fabric Banners

You know this on a back on it, so I don’t know how much I’m gonna decorate the back. I may just do some paint on the back. Some fabric paint I’ve got little threads here from cutting, but so that so this material is actually it feels like it’s a muslin kind of material, maybe yeah, and it was draped that were in here. The drapes summer in here were pretty messy. They would just they weren’t messy, like a stain. They were just dirty, so I washed them and I used them for that apron.

2. I showed you when I made that apron. I use the piece pieces of it to make the tie for that apron that that’s the pieces here. So I have like about four of these, so I thought well, I’m going to use the fabric and make these banners with them, and this way it’s something that was here and it’s re-purposing, something instead of going out and buying all new fabric.

And then I have the most beautiful fabrics and laces that you guys have sent me some of you and I’m going to be using them on here. So what I’m first I’m going to do. Am I’m going to just glue this to this just tack it down a little bit with some fabric glue? You know nothing, fancy just you know a little tack.

Let me get my fabric glue and this is what I seem to use this one here. So I’m just gonna do a little tacking. I don’t want to put a lot because I want to be able to sew through this and not wine. It messed up my needle with glue so for now I’m gonna work on this one and then I’ll cut up some pieces of fabric and I’ll show you how I’m gonna lay it down you a lot of times I’ll glue it down the pieces and Then sew, so I may do that.

So, let’s I’m gonna get this glue down to the felt I’m telling you this felt is just I’ve used it so many times guys. I love it. You know it’s great if you’re making a pillow too, and you know you want a little extra if you’re going to embroider and you’re gonna make a pillow you’ve got, it just gives it a little bit of support.

So you know I mean I could do it right on here, but it’s just it’ll feel better on here, it’ll be more supportive and it will last longer. I think in that and then they’ll stay nice. You know they’ll they’ll hang nice. So it’s a great thing. You know it’s not expensive felt you can buy a cheap by the yard.

I think it’s only a couple of dollars, a yard – and I have this big giant roll that I had bought years and years ago and I’m still using it. So I will come back when I have this glue down and also I’ll show you some of the fabric that I’m choosing to put on here.

I don’t know exactly which ones I’m going to use, but these are from various lovely friends of mine who have sent me wonderful, happy mail, so I’m just going through and looking some things have caught my eye. So I don’t know I like. I love everything. I love it all and I have a lot more, but because of the generosity of my dear friends here on Facebook and on YouTube, so I just look at this.

Fabulous Fabric represent something completely different:

You can use it like either way. I don’t. I don’t know. I just don’t know it’s going to be hard. Well, you know what I’m making a bunch. So it’s it shouldn’t be hard. It should just be easy.

I love this one, so I’m trying to kind of maybe have a theme, maybe not maybe each one can represent something completely different.

Fabric Banners 22

I don’t know which is probably more me than doing the same thing over and over again, because I just can’t do that. You know so look at that, just beautiful appliques, all kinds of just beautiful. I love it. So I’m gonna see how this is gonna turn out. I’M gonna start cutting up some fabric and then putting it on, but I just wanted to show you where what I was looking at right now, what combinations I was thinking of – and you know so many things catch my eye. Look at this. Both sides huh. I like the both of these, so I love this side too yeah.

I don’t know turn hard, but I’m just thinking. I have how many gosh, let’s see one two three I have like seven to do. I don’t know I you know, I don’t know how I’m going to have the ribbon in between each one like how far apart each one is going to be so I may make more and then I also made another template for a smaller one.

  1. So I’m what I may do is have the larger one and then maybe a smaller one and then a larger one, a small one may do it like that. But it’s gonna take me a while, but I just thought I’d share with you, the first one. So, okay, so I will be right back okay, so let me show you what I’ve done so far.
  2. Now I’ve used the bias tape to kind of attach them and what I think is I’m going to take this and turn this under here and then I’m going to attach something else, maybe some floral or something or maybe a very small banner. I don’t know, but that’s what I’ve done for now. What I did was I just added lace and then put another piece of that fabric from the drapes on the back and then just add it now.

So I’m showing you the individual ones, I’m doing a voice over because the sound got kind of messed up, but it’s just so beautiful. I love them all. I love thank you, the fabric in the appliques and the goodies, and now you know when I look at these,I will think of all the wonderful happy mail and all.

Those wonderful people who have Been so gracious and just I’m just grateful to all but it’s really more of a hot pink and when I show pictures of them at the end, you’ll have a better idea of what that one looks like look at these oh gosh, they were just so much fun, so I don’t know if I’m gonna do any beading on them, yet I may do more to them.

Now and I just love them so much, I love that I use the drapes for the actual backing

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