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I think the points designed to sit in front, as is the back one, so you can have a fiddle with that. This is a little bit difficult to drape well because of the velvet lining and if you use a silky lining or a lawn you’ll find it much easier to get that sitting right.

But it’s brilliant! Isn’t it the kind of thing you can just throw on go shopping on a any day

Throw your bag over your arm and it looks super stylish without too much of an effort. So you could wear something really plain underneath like a white t-shirt and jeans, and then this would totally transform your outfit get me sounding like I know about fashion, which I don’t, but I think it’s a good way to dress up an outfit for outerwear, especially when It’s not too cold, although this is really warm in these.

This combination of fabrics, which is a wool tweed mix and also a lovely stretch for law inside, as I mentioned last week, try and make your fabrics match so that you’re not mixing a stretch with the woven. It will be easier, but lots of you suggested a great idea of using some stabilizing tape, which you can apply to stretch fabrics to help them behave more like a woven so give that a go.

If you are stuck with this decision like I was, but I this color and I like the way the neck folds in a sort of cowl like way, and you can play around with that, so that it it looks, looks neater, but I’ve just thrown this one. On now so that you can see, I hope you found that helpful. So do forgive me for wearing a summer outfit when we’re talking about winter coats, but it’s still quite warm here and now’s the time of year, where you might.

An Intro to Coat Fabric 1111

I’ve got a coat on my make 9 lists for this year and because they take a little bit longer than other items, then it’s a good idea to start now for when the weather does get cold. So let’s have a look at some coke fabrics that I’ve discovered and these aren’t them all and you’ll have some other favorites, but these are the ones that I found to be most useful and easy to sew with as well. So, firstly, I’m going to talk about Melton wool.

Melton wool is not actually a wool wool, it tends to be an acrylic mixed fabric, but the beauty of it is is that it’s usually washable now the ones that I buy are and the ones are having at the moment and that just I just think It’s helpful, especially in a color like this. This is only a tiny, little remnant piece, but I’m showing you this shade because I think it shows a better on camera.

I’ve also got this in a beautiful red which I’ll show you in a moment and black. So it behaves like it’s almost like a felted wool, but it’s it’s not so you can wash it as I say, and it feels different. It’s a lot softer. It’s not itchy, I’m a bit of a wall freak, oh, but well. Next to my skin, in it, I find it really itchy. So I tend to go for something like this.

Instead and as you can see, it’s quite thick and I’ve had a different type of Melton wolf in before it was a camel one and it had a much higher wool content, but it was much thinner in weight. So when you’re looking at these check the weight on them, so this is 370 grams per square meter. So anything over 300 grams is gonna feel and look like this one pretty much and then the thinner ones and will weigh a little bit less.

I think so just do have a look or ask for a sample from wherever you buy yours from so this is the minty one and there’s probably just enough there for a couple of you to to make it into a sky wrap. Perhaps this is a gorgeous pillar box, red Melton and again exactly the same. Weight looks and feels like it’s been filtered so like a heavily boiled wool and or a felted wool. But it’s not. It is much softer.

It’s got a viscose content as well so that it feels super luxurious and if you’re not great, at keeping coats, can you mean winter? And then this is the one for you because you can wash it tough to worry about going to the dry cleaners. And it sounds like a dream: it’s really easy too so just bear in mind and on the seams with thick seams with other layers.

You need to make sure that goes under your sewing machine.

Okay. So just take that part slowly, but there’s no reason why that wouldn’t it should be absolutely fine. I’ve also got this in black as well, which I’m thinking about making into my Sapporo coats from a mag 9 list, but I might bottle that I might just go for the red but yeah.

It’s nice to have a plain, and I really do need a black coat in my wardrobe, so I’ll probably stick with it, and that may be a red lining.

Something like that next, and this is a boucle, I call it blue clay anyway. I think it’s a proper blue clay, but it’s a polyester based fabric that looks like wool behaves like wolf slightly drape here, and the inside of this one is particularly really soft.

You probably should, but if you wanted to make a coat again or something like that, then this would work really well, but look how gorgeous the colors are and all that is it’s almost embroidered in. If you can never look at the detail of that one and this one, I’ve called all the blues boot clay, and this is just coming to stock.

An Intro to Coat Fabric 2222

So this would make a perfect coat. Maybe a lovely cocoon coats, something that requires a little bit of drape and softness to it. You wouldn’t want to make a structured coat from this, but it’d be perfect for something cozy. Sorry, I’m out of breath.

I’ve got loads of fabric store downstairs at the moment because I’m actually moving out of this office because you probably know I’ve outgrown it outgrown it a long time ago. So I’m really excited to be moving out so that I can bring you more fabric because I’m pretty much maxed out here now so yeah watch this space in a couple of weeks, I’ll, let you have a look as well. Okay, next on the boucle is this: this is amazing.

I know it’s probably glaring your screen a little, but this is an ivory boucle and I couldn’t resist so think French style jacket, with some black trim and gold buttons. This is why I bought this is completely self-indulgent. I know none of you would be daft enough to wear a white jacket in winter, I’m sure, but I’m a bit of a white coat obsessive.

I have two ready-to-wear ones and I love them. I’M fairly good. At keeping them white as well, but I do like to buy the washable one, and so I don’t have to wash them too often, but they do wash when you need to so this blue clay is a widely woven fabric and I’ll, try and show you And just see, maybe I’ll pop a still up here, I’ll keep it back here.

So you probably need sunglasses on at the moment. Don’t you but yeah? It thinks French style jacket. It’s a tiny bit sheer. So you would need to line this and it could be a skirt or some trousers or even some Dre Petros. It’s like Palazzo, pants and they’d be pretty warm, but you could do it.

This would make a beautiful jacket or coats, but you just think about the lining but yeah. I really love this, but that’s another alternative that you don’t always have to go down the dark colors route. Now, if you want something a bit more classic, then a cotton might be for you. This is a particularly high-quality stretch.

Cotton actually, but it’s not so stretchy that it would cause you a problem when you sell it if you chose it for a coat. So for this, I’m thinking trench coats, really, I just think it would be beautiful. I think the colors would work be crisp enough with this weight of the fabric, so you need a reasonably lightweight fabric, a need for a trench and look at look at the beautiful sheen. It’s not shiny, but it’s it’s got that effect.

Isn’t it I’ll show you up close? This also comes in black as well, and I chose these two when I bought this. I thought about fitted trousers, skinny trousers, that kind of thing, or even make a pair of trousers from a jeans pattern. Perhaps in this and it’s stretchy on the bias and with ways but not length ways, so that may help you on coat making as well.

But it’s just beautiful a real classic piece, that’ll last in your wardrobe for ages. Next, you could go for a wool mix fabric which looks like wool. It feels like wool, but it’s not wool, it’s about ten percent wool, and so it has the content of that. But it does allow you to be able to wash it and cares for it a little bit easier than a pure wool fabric and it’s cheaper as well much cheaper.

So this is a gorgeous tartan. I’ve called this Scottie tartan for obvious reasons: it’s beautiful! Isn’t it a real classic piece and just watch your directional print here? So it’s got checks, isn’t it so that could come in really handy if you were making something like a French style jacket with visible quilting lines and but yeah just look at the lines of your coat.

So if you’ve got any darts or anything like that, that might mess with the lines of this pattern, bear that in mind, and that goes for any printed fabric for coat patterns as well. So look at the pattern think about where the darts are thought about how you’re gonna match the pockets.

If you’ve got patch pockets on there, you’ll need to line them up, which is quite fun and I’m pretty easy with a print this big but yeah.

  • This would make a lovely miniskirt as well. I need to find a good miniskirt pattern if you know of any, let me know something really simple pockets and that you can throw on like this would be great with a navy, jumper, really simple, and maybe some thick black, tights or and flashes. That will be brilliant, but yeah. This would make a beautiful coat.
  • Next, we’ve got a different type of fabric, so I’ve called this just a printed or a different type of polyester or any other type of fabric. That may not be advertised as co fabric and but you could think ah yes, I could make that so example. For example, the black coat that I need if I wanted something a little bit less plain, I could choose something like this now. This is a flocked.
  • Um, velvet flocked fabric and it’s almost got that burnout effect on it. So it is a little bit sheer. You see so I’m not sure. I think if you wore something dark, underneath you’d be fine, but you would need for a coat you’d need a dark lining and also you could turn this into a beautiful pencil skirt for winter or you could turn it into and some trousers, and it would be Really nice, but I thought for a different style of coats.
  • This is beautiful, so that’s the poor coat that I’ve got planned. I might consider this over the black Melton. I think it might be a good idea. Actually so yeah just be a bit careful when you wash it and be careful when your eye in it, because it’ll, probably catch so you’ll definitely need a pressing cloth with this, and I test it. So I’ve got it down for as a cool wash, but I just want to see how that flock behaves.
  • So if you do buy anything like this, just cut off a little square and wash it and dry it and then see how it is. I definitely wouldn’t tumble dry it, but I think it’s probably a bit more robust than you think, but wouldn’t it make a lovely coat and in a similar way to be at different types of fabric. You could also and make something like this now.
  • This is actually furnishing fabric, which I bought from Dunelm, which is a shop in the UK that sells curtains and blinds and homewards, and this is my Chloe coats. I’ve got a video on this and I’ll pop a link to it below, but I’ll wear it just to show you it’s such a beautiful fit, but you can use different types of fabric like this now. The downsides to this type of fabric are that it creases when you sit down, you can kind of see a little bit.
  • It’s a little bit stiff I’ll stand back a bit, so you can see it again if you’ve not seen it it’s so nice. It’s a lovely suite, automate sleeves long enough, isn’t it or short enough for to fit and the pockets. I think a pattern matched did I oh no. I did it because there’s a dart, so this is what I mean about thinking about the print being disturbed.
  • So I don’t think it matters too much on here, but it does affect the flow. I think it actually can flatter as well. It looks like the waist comes in and put yeah. You could use these, but just be a little bit mindful that. That’s not what they’re intended for, but there’s no reason why you can’t and of course, don’t forget your linings.

So in this case almost have a thing about graces in line. It’s nice neutral, isn’t it, but I lined this in a satin and that’s really easy to slip on and off. You could use cotton lawns, Celina coats, you could use all sorts of different types but think about what you’re wearing and does it mean to slip on. So if you’ve got a woolly jumper on and you line it with a a cotton, for example – it’s probably not gonna go on that easy and I’ve got it, Mike.

One of my white ready-to-wear coats is lined with a black jersey and every time I put my arm in it pokes out the ends and I’ve got to tuck it back in and that’s ready to wear.

So you just have a think about how it’s going to be worn I’ll, show you some types of satin as well that you could use for linings. So here you go. These are typical lining settings. I wouldn’t want to make a top out of one of these. You could um yeah they’re perfect for lining that’s a gray one.

You could choose a nice beautiful, maybe one or one of my favorite colors, a dusky pink. Sorry, it’s blinding you a bit! Isn’t it but yeah? These are pretty inexpensive and you know you need to think about that too. So with the Cloe coat, for example, from memory, I think it’s over three meters of fabric that you need Seanie, three meters of outer fabric and three meters of the lining. It soon adds up. Doesn’t it so I’ve got these few bits in, but you can get lots of settings on eBay as well.

If you wanted a bigger range of colors, it’s one of those things that you can risk buying on eBay. You don’t need to worry too much about the quality, because satin is satin, although if you buy fabric on eBay, that’s called lining satin, often it’s less from this. So I can’t remember the correct term that I’ve seen on eBay for these types of settings, but don’t get the absolute cheapest, get the one.

That’s a little bit higher up and you’ll get something like this, which is really quite nice, but, like I say, I’ve got these few meters in. If you wanted some from me I’ll pop links to everything underneath, if you wanted any of these fabrics, there’s plenty of the boot clays in as well, I’ve got lots of other new fabrics in today as well. I’ve got some amazing denim in oh, my goodness.

Let me just show you this, so I’ve been looking for the best black denim for really skinny trousers, so the problem is, is a lot of the stretch denim that I’ve discovered aren’t quite stretchy enough for really skinny trousers or really skinny jeans. But this one is amazing: it’s a really dark jet black denim and the polyester content is not too high.

So you know sometimes when you turn over the denim when you get that horrid polyester II to feel. I know you know I’m funny about how things feel, and so I always put that in my descriptions online and it’s totally self-indulgent, because I, like things that are soft they’re, pretty much most things that you buy from me, will be safe to wear and not Feel itchy, but look at this. It’s gorgeous got a really good stretch.

I’ve been with stretches in all directions here, maybe not so much vertically, but yeah width ways and on the bias. It’s amazing look how good that is. So yeah really excited to have discovered that, and so I put that on the site today, if you’ve got any skinny jeans in your plans, don’t always think about blue because you can choose white in some are all black as well. I’ve also got an amazing yellow one, that’s like a cross between an ochre and a mustard.

That would be really good for denim skirts and things like that. I’ve got that denim skirt pattern from the first. So over 80 books the city break one and remember the name of the pattern, but I’ve really fancied making it from there, and you know those coat buttons that I put on the side a couple of weeks back. They would look beautiful down the front they’re.

An Intro to Coat Fabric 333

Quite a large frisket, but I like them, they would look lovely down the front of a skirt with that color. So these are Brand X, the yellow, okay, just a little insight into wintery coat fabrics. I hope that’s helped but yeah. Let me know what your sewing poppy comments below.

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