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How to make these super cute fabric chickens. I call them the cheery fabric chicken, and these are so fun for spring and summer and for all the chicken lovers in your life. It’s a quick and easy project. You can use scraps and small pieces of fabric, and then they make like awesome decoration for your home and gifts for all those neighbors.

The Ultimate Deal of Cheery Fabric Chicken

It’s why I use my rotary cutter and to cut out my pieces and of course, I went with the grain of the fabric, and here are my pieces I cut out. I have me these are gonna, be the tail feathers I’ll show you how to do that.

Chicken 2222

A little bit later here are the two wing pieces they have cut in mirror images just like it says right here on the pattern piece, and then here is the body, the body piece and then the base – and I also cut out a piece of interfacing that You need to fuse to the base piece. This gives it a little extra structure. Okay and then I have my comb and two big pieces. That’s exactly what you should have now.

The first order of business is to attach the little pockets to or the wings to your chicken, and I cut two mirror images of these, and then I press them in half. They look like this when they’re all out and then I press them in half and I’m just going to pin this is the back with the little cutout where the tail feathers are going to be. I’M just going to pin this. You can kind of I’m sure. It’s nice and straight like that, and then the way I get them even is kind of this little.

I take the other one put it right. On top of that, one – and I put my other body piece on top and then I kind of just take my fingers and feel under there, and that gives me a good mirror. You know a good placement for both of them without having to fuss too much. Pin them on and now I’m going to just zig zag stitch all around here and do a little.

Don’t fall for this cheery fabric chicken

You know the back stitch right at the front there and I’m gonna zig zag stitch all around here and back stitch at my sewing machine. Okay. So now you see my pockets are attached with a zig zag stitch, both pockets and next we’re going to just attach the comb and the beak. The comb goes about right here. You can see it overlaps a little bit here, so I’m gonna baste it on with my machine and then when I sew them together, I’m just gonna kind of tuck it under like that. So that’s done and then I kind of tuck that one little side under and now for the beak.

You have these two pieces of feeling and what I’d like to do is I fold it in half like this, and then I take the other one and fold it in half to kind of make a beak like that and that cute, so they’re kind of overlapping. Both fold it in half if you can see that and then I simply just I’m going to put this on here and you can baste it or I’m gonna use my Evergreen art clips right here and have that in place.

So those two were together and then we add this other layer of the body and we’re going to so. We’re gonna leave a space right here for turning, I like to mark those first that I make sure I don’t forget it. So that’s the turning space. You can make that a little bigger if you’d like and then just a couple pins around here and I’m gonna just hold these together and take the clip and clip it so that it’s that easy.

And now I’m going to go back to my machine and so with about a quarter inch seam allowance, so up here across there down around here up here and stop I’m gonna leave this empty. I’M going to leave this open and then sew to there back stitch and then soda here, okay and then leave the but base open, also for when I put on the bottom of the chicken. So that’s what we’re doing and I’ll be right back to show you what that looks like in a sec.

The ultimate deal of cheery fabric chicken

chicken 111

Okay, the next step is to make our cute little tail like this, and I just saved some of the scraps from when I was cutting. When I cut out the pattern pieces – and I just fold them in half like this like this and think about four – is probably all that you want to get in there for little strips fold it in half and then what you do. Are you open this up? You can see, there’s a hole right here and the two seams from the back and then the top.

You know the from right here and right here and we’re creating this little boxy bottom by just pinching that together that little space you can see that very easy and then take these four little strips and we just tuck them under here there. If it’s nicely, I made them all about one inch thick and about five inches four and a half five inches long, five inches long.

I made them and we’re just gonna see how they fit in like that, and then we open up the seam both seams are open. You don’t have to you compress them. If you want those seams are open and then I’m just gonna sew right across there and so they’re secure. So I sewed right across and I’m not going to cut off these ends because I kind of like it to be a little bit longer and that way you can kind of manipulate how the tail feathers stand up like this, that’s gonna be really cute. Next is attaching the base. This is very easy to do.

I like to fold it in half and Mark the corn that marks the two ends here right. You know mark two even spots and these I attached to my seams of the chicken like this open. It up, and one of those marks goes right there on that seam and this mark open this up open that seam – and this goes right here and then just put a few pins in like this and with the Pat one of the nice things about having the Pattern piece made for you is that this circle is a good fit.

Then, at your sewing machine, just sew all around this circle here you know just go slow and move things out of the way, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can see on this chicken, I sewed it’s not exactly perfect, but it turns out really cute in the end, no matter what so next so the base on okay, the base is on and everything is ready, we’re going to turn our little chicken inside out Right through that space in the back – oh he’s so cute.

Now I like to add, you can either just stuff the chicken at this point with poly fill

But what I like to do to make sure that he sits up. I kind of picture them sitting on a countertop or something I like to add right to the base, and I just do that with a funnel and some old rice I get like you know the drill, a cheap price at the grocery store.

This is about a cup of rice in there and then you can see how that kind of gives it a nice base and make sure that it sits up nice for you, now and then he’s all stuffed. There are two things left to do: I’m gonna sew up the base a little bottom here, I’m just going to do a little ladder, stitch and sew that all the way up – and the very last thing I have to do – is add the eye I’m going to Put it about right here and I just I like to take a little pencil and mark it right there and then the other side too.

Chicken and love cheery fabric chicken

You can see how I did that and that’s just a guide, a couple things about putting the eye in you can use up a little button if you’d, rather or if you’re good with you could use a little fabric paint whatever you choose to put the eye On I just do a little satin stitch here and I like to. I use the embroidery floss and I separate it into three strands.

They come in six and you separate them into three and then I tie a knot at the end like this there’s a little tiny, not there and I just come in kind of at one of the seams. I pull it through like this and then when it stops right there I give it a little gentle tug and so that it’s inside inside the chicken here and then I just do a few stitches on each side, and here it is all done. You can see these the cute eyes on either side and the fun little wing pockets.

Now one little thing I did was I put just a little bit of stuffing in the pocket to kind of fill it out. I think that’s fun and then you can put whatever you want to in there and the tail. This is what the base looks like and our little chicken it’s all done so cute.

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