How to Use the Pearls and Sequins Foot Easily

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Today we’re going over the pearls and sequins foot. Now what this foot does is it allows us to sew all these cool pearl beads and sequins ribbons onto our projects.use the pearls and sequins foot

With it, we can also sew right along necklines or any kind of curve. So I’m going to show you exactly how to install it and how to use it.

So let’s get started to use the pearls and sequins foot and a sewing machine

It is a simple snap on foot and what is cool about this foot is when you purchase it you get a cool kind of illustration and instruction guide. It’s in a bunch of different languages. It goes over the same techniques that we’re just going to touch base on in this post.

  • So, here’s where your shank clamps onto; this is the needle hole. It’s nice and wide for the zigzag stitch, which you’ll be using to attach your sequins and pearls. The front, this is the big tunnel that the pearls and sequins go through.
  • The back is nice and flared out, and this makes it easy to go around curves inside and outside. So let’s go ahead and install it. Go ahead and take off the foot you have on. Simple clamp and there you go! You’re ready to start sewing.
  • So here I’m just going to show you how to attach a string of pearls. So just put it in the pressure foot and through that little tunnel. Make sure you have it on a zigzag stitch. Ideally, you would be using clear mono filament thread.
  • I’m going to be using black thread just so you can see it, and remember that if you are using a mono filament thread to remember to use a metallic needle. So I have my zigzag width at a 4.5.
  • I’m just going to start sewing. Also with this, you’ll want to reduce your stitch tension. If it starts to pucker, reduce the tension even more. Now with this, you can do curves and swirls. It’s just about moving the fabric.
  • And then, of course, you can speed it up a little bit. And I have this string thrown over my shoulder just because it’s the easiest way I can think of to feed it. Alright, let’s take a look!

So here we go! It lays nice and flat and looks very pretty, especially if the thread of course was clear but you can kind of see how that zigzag is what holds it in place.

use the pearls and sequins fabrics

 So in this instance, I actually sewed the pearls on the very edge of the fabric along the long curve. Which is pretty cool and it’s actually not too bad.

 So I’m going to show you how to do this with pearls and sequins foot

You’ll take your curved piece of fabric and your string of pearls as before.  Just kind of shove the pearls back there in the foot. You want a little bit of a train. It just makes it easier to work with. And sew a few stitches to get started.

So the technique with this is to manipulate the fabric to follow the pearl. So, we’ll start sewing. And you can see as we come up across this corner, I have my hand over here and I’m going to kind of guide the fabric as best as I can to go along the pearl.

The fabric is what needs to be turning if that makes any sense. So I’m kind of every time the needle lifts up, I’m kind of just inching it over just a little bit. And you do have to sew kind of slowly for curves like this.

2 use the pearls and sequins fabricx

 I can see I’m coming up against another angle. Here we go, just try to turn…the fabric around the curve. And it gets easier as you go along. You probably have to do it really slow at first, as I did. But, it goes along the curve.

That’s kind of what you’re going for, like this. So this time we’re going to add the pearls just along the edge of the fabric. I had the fabric folded.

pearls and sequins

 And what’s important about this is you’ll still obviously put your pearls down the tunnel, but the fabric is going to be just right here on the edge. In this case, it’s on the left side. So that my needle just barely grabs it, maybe one or two millimeters that actually grabs the fabric.

So I’m just going to sew. I’m looking to make sure that, yep, it’s grabbing the sequin fabric. The pearls are right up against the fold. This really does make a pretty awesome trim. And we can go ahead and see what it looks like. Pretty cool!

Definitely very cool and it just barely nicks the fabric, but it’s nice and secure and it’s not going to break. So it’s the same with our string of pearls.

We’re going to take some sequins and we’re going to give it a little tail and bring it underneath the foot. Kind of get it into the little tunnel. Pop it down. Once again you’re going to be using a zigzag stitch…and you can start sewing.

Also, you want to use mono filament thread. Now, with the sequins this color I would have to use a smoky mono filament thread because the completely clear, the completely clear mono filament would actually turn out kind of white looking. use the pearls and sequin fabric

So I would suggest using the smoky mono filament thread…and you just sew as you did with the string of pearls. Just try to keep the sequins in the tunnel.

With the same thing as the string of pearls, you can do curves and swirls; whatever you want to do a little easier obviously with sequin fabrics. Now, the important thing to notice with this is you want to kind of follow the sequins.

So if I were to do it the other way, I might start making these little sequins things pop up. So I kind of wants to follow the direction of the sequins if that makes any sense. And see, here we go! And it’s attached totally fine.

It’s starting to pop up a little bit. With this, you can tighten the tension a little bit more than you did with the pearls, but it’s easier to go around curves with the sequins. It’s still very effective.

So that was the pearls and sequins foot. To purchase your pearls and sequins foot or any of these cool sequins ribbons, visit us online at

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